System Component Failure – Powerplant

Following the first and second Loss of Control working groups, the GAJSC decided to focus on System Component Failure-Powerplant (SCF-PP) fatal accidents. Beginning in 2014, the SCF-PP working group began examining accidents categorized as having SCF-PP as a factor in the outcome. The working group ultimately reviewed 70 randomly selected accidents to conduct a root cause analysis and identify prospective interventions. Following the GAJSC’s approval of the proposed interventions, the working group SCF-PP_bgdeveloped Safety Enhancements (SEs) for each intervention. The approved SEs are detailed in the SCF-PP report, available for download here: SCF-PP Report (201 downloads)

A list of the recommendations detailed in the report follow.


SE-35:  Direct Tension Indicators

SE-36: Vmc Scenario Training

SE-37: Multi-engine Emergency Management Technology

SE-39: Smart Cockpit Technology

SE-41: Survivability

SE-44: Pending

SE-45: Maintenance Placard

SE-47: A&P Education and Training

SE-48: Ignition Systems

SE-49: SCF-PP Outreach