Report a Safety Issue

Aviation Safety Reporting System

I think I experienced an aviation safety-related incident or situation.

NASA’s Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) collects voluntary safety reports from pilots, dispatchers, air traffic controllers, maintainers, cabin crew, drone pilots, and other airspace users to lessen the likelihood of aviation accidents. The program ensures confidentiality and anonymity. Reports submitted can’t be used in any disciplinary action, except for information concerning certain criminal offenses or accidents.

Service Difficulty Reports

I think I experienced an equipment problem like a malfunction or defect.

The FAA collects service difficulty reports (SDRs) from pilots and maintainers about maintenance incidents to spot trends in defects or malfunctions. Both pilots and maintainers can submit.

Report an Aircraft Accident to NTSB

I was in an aircraft accident or witnessed an aircraft accident.

Aircraft operators must notify the NTSB immediately if they were involved in an aviation accident and specific incident. Call 844-373-9922 to file an initial report. If you witnessed an aircraft accident, follow the instructions to provide the NTSB with a statement of your observations.

Illegal Air Charter

I am concerned about a possible illegal air charter operation.

An illegal air charter poses risks to safety. The operator may not meet the higher standards for pilot training, maintenance requirements, and defined operational control. If you suspect an operator is engaging in an illegal charter, file a report using the hotline number or online reporting form. Your name and contact information will never be shared without your permission.

FAA Hotline

I witnessed an aviation safety incident.

The FAA Hotline accepts reports concerning the safety of the National Airspace System, violations of regulations under 14 CFR, aviation safety issues, and reports related to FAA employees or FAA facilities.

Aviation Voluntary Reporting

I want to research more about aviation voluntary reporting programs.