Monthly Safety Focus

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), in coordination with industry, focuses on a specific safety topics each month by publishing free, safety-related articles, materials, and public presentations. To foster a stronger and more unified safety culture, the FAA and industry partners are encouraged to use their outreach channels to promote and distribute these materials to the general aviation community to help mitigate known safety risks.

A complete list of FAA Fact Sheets by month is available online.

The schedule for upcoming research is shown in the following list:


  • January: ADM and SRM
  • February: Flight in Remote Areas and Over Water
  • March: Pilot Proficiency & Transition Training
  • April: Angle of Attack
  • May: System Component Failure
  • June: Regulatory Roadblock Reduction
  • July: Stabilized Approach
  • August: Use of Weather Information
  • September: Preflight after Maintenance


  • January: Interruptions & Distractions
  • February: Environment & Flight Operations
  • March: WINGs
  • April: Stabilized Approach
  • May: System Component Failure
  • June: After Market Safety Equipment
  • July: Pattern Precision
  • August: In-Flight Weather Resources
  • September: Preflight after Maintenance
  • October: Pilots and Medications (Drug-Drug and Drug-Food Interactions)
  • November: Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT)
  • December: Aircraft Performance Monitoring


  • January: Aeronautical Decision Making
  • February: Expanding Your Horizons
  • March: Flight Training & Proficiency
  • April: Aerodynamics
  • May: Mechanical, Maintenance, and Systems
  • June: Installation and Use of Non-Required Safety Equipment
  • July: Takeoff and Landing
  • August: Weather
  • September: Advanced Preflight and Preflight After Maintenance
  • October: Pilots and Medication
  • November: Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT)
  • December: Aircraft Performance Calculations