Report a Safety Problem


[column]I think I experienced an aviation safety-related incident or situation.


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The Aviation Safety Reporting System collects voluntarily submitted aviation safety reports from pilots, dispatchers, air traffic controllers, maintenance personnel, cabin crew, and other users of the National Airspace System in order to lesson the likelihood of aviation accidents. NASA administers the program to ensure the confidentiality and anonymity of the reporter, and other parties as appropriate. Federal aviation regulations prohibit the use of reports submitted to NASA under the ASRS (or information derived therefrom) in any disciplinary action, except information concerning certain criminal offenses or accidents.[/column]

[column]I think I experienced an equipment problem (e.g., possible malfunction or defect).

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Service Difficulty Reports consist of maintenance incidents collected by the FAA for the purpose of tracking repair problems. Both pilots and maintenance personnel can submit!

I was in an aircraft accident.



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FAA Fact Sheet – Aviation Voluntary Reporting, March 10, 2021